Auckland Secondary Schools
Track Cycling
Teams Competition

Sign On Time:

08:00 Sign on (and warm up on the track)
08:30 On the day enteries close.
08:30 All Helpers report for briefing.
09:00 Racing starts.

Brought to you by Auckland Central Cycling Club

Open To Secondary School Riders:

With a minimum of two school terms of road cycling experience
A minimum of three two-hour training sessions on the velodrome

Possible Events (exact programme to be decided once rider numbers are known)

Date: Events
10th November Italian Pursuit, 650m Chariot Races, Scratch Races
17th November Team Points race, Elimination, One Lap Chariot Races
24th November Italian Pursuit, Sprint Derbys, Win and Out, and Prize Giving

NB Some events will require heats. Track limit for Cycling New Zealand racing is 16 riders.

Please Note Well:-

A minimum of sixteen spokes per wheel (no discs)
Aluminium rims only (no carbon rims)
Drop handlebars only (no aero bars, no clip-ons).

Three Age Groups:-

Under 15
Under 17
Senior (Still at school this year)
Based on entries Teams may be split into ability based grades (eg A grade, B grade, etc)

Points system:-

Points will be awarded to teams.

Schools will also receive points, equal to the teams points in proportion to the number of riders in the team.
EG if a team has, two from school A, one from school B, and one from C
then A gets half the points B and C both get 1/4 of the teams points.

If a grade is split into A and B grades the B grade will earn lesser points.
The preferance is that A grade will contain 4 teams from 4 different schools.

Team events will earn greater points